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Episode 7 - Interview with Founder of City Maid Green Diana Palmar

For this episode, Jerrid and Courtney venture out of the studio to chat with Diana Palmar, the Queen of Clean. Diana is the owner of City Maid Green located in Orlando’s College Park neighborhood. City Maid Green doubles as a cleaning service and retailer of plant-based cleaning supplies.

Diana’s entrepreneurial journey started when she and her friend were looking to earn a little extra money. They settled on a maid service but were concerned about prolonged exposure to commercial cleaning products. So in a move that would make her former science teachers proud, Diana went to work experimenting with various natural ingredients that would be safer alternatives. Several YouTube videos and a share of Breaking Bad moments later, Diana found the right combination of plant ingredients that satisfied her needs.

What started out as a summer venture has grown into a successful business that now has been an Orlando staple for 8 years. As City Maid Green’s customer base expanded, Diana hired additional staff to meet the demand. It was important to Diana to give her staff a living wage. Diana wanted her company to be a place where people enjoyed working and at the end of the day felt they had made a decent living for their hard work. Being a business owner has not been without its challenges. Whenever obstacles have gotten in her way, Diana uses her customers as motivation. Their interest in her green cleaning products and their positive feedback serve as an encouragement to continue forward. Diana says that the possibility of failure has never crossed her mind. Those with entrepreneurship spirits live with a higher level of risk. Even so, she advises anyone with a heart to start a company to go for it.

Diana Palmar’s Biography I studied visual communications and public relations at Berry College in Rome GA and moved to Orlando as a fresh graduate for my first graphic designer job at a non-profit. I’ve always believed in nurturing and using my talents and gifts to better society and this beautiful planet we live on. One summer, a friend and I teamed up to earn a little extra income by cleaning houses together. Having helped numerous companies with their branding as a brand designer, I launched my own cleaning company, City Maid Green. I wanted to create a company who’s existence was more than just the bottom line but one that worked with and for the flourishing of society and our earth. After researching numerous “green” cleaning products on the market, I ventured to develop my own that would exclude all synthetic ingredients and truly be GREEN. Over the last 8 years, City Maid Green has cleaned over 1,000 Orlando homes, sold thousands of cleaning products and hired dozens of Orlando women at a living wage. The ethos of our company is sustainability- for our workers, our earth, and our homes.

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