• Jerrid P. Kalakay

Episode 17 - The "ASK"

In this episode, Jerrid and Courtney tackle the topic of the “ASK”.  It is the moment when you finally speak up and ask for what you feel you deserve whether it’s a loan, partnership, raise, or promotion.  The ASK is one of the most stressful and anxiety causing things that social entrepreneurs have to conquer to gain success.  In any situation in which there are two or more parties, there is an underlining ask waiting to happen.

Sometimes we are too afraid or too shy to get to the ask, and thus we lose out, and other times we do not structure the ask probably and lose out as well.  In many cases, though the ask gets us exactly what we were hoping for and more.  All social entrepreneurs have to master the art of the ask to move their enterprise forward and toward success.

The ASK could come in all different forms from asking for a new partnership with sales to collaboration to gaining a loan or a million other types that a social entrepreneur may need it to take on.  The more developed the ASK and the confident and comfortable you are in asking the easier it is for the other party to give you what you want.

When was the last time you struggled with an ASK?
Have you ever missed out on something because you didn’t ASK?
When has your ASK gotten you what you wanted?

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