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Episode 0 - Introductions

In the inaugural episode of Teaching Change, Professor Jerrid Kalakay and Librarian Courtney Moore set the stage to chronicle social entrepreneurship education at Valencia College and beyond. As Jerrid defines it, social entrepreneurship is the practice of using innovative business practices to create social value and wealth. The co-hosts, who both work at Valencia, begin with personal introductions that provide details on their respective backgrounds and interests.

At Valencia, Jerrid pulls double duty as a full-time instructor for the New Student Experience course and as the Social Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator—and this is just his day job! Jerrid, having earned a Ph.D. in leadership and change with a focus on social entrepreneurship, brings a vast field of knowledge to the podcast. He has long been a steadfast advocate for social entrepreneurship education and was instrumental in developing the program at Valencia. A married man and father of three, Jerrid’s motivations are quite simple. For his family and society as a whole, it is his hope that everyone makes the world a little better than when they found it.

While Jerrid is very much the insider, Courtney is stepping into new territory with a podcast on social entrepreneurship. Most days she is either at the library’s reference desk or teaching information literacy instruction classes. Courtney’s role as a librarian has constantly enhanced her worldview and has set her up as a staunch supporter of lifelong learning who walks the walk. Her master’s degree in library science and information studies has allowed her a professional platform to champion the value and access to information. Courtney’s burgeoning knowledge of social entrepreneurship is bolstered by her experience as an educator and self-confessed podcast addiction.

Outside of work, both Jerrid and Courtney make the most of their spare time. Jerrid is a not-so-undercover fanboy who loves a good binge of nerdy television. The SyFy channel is a must. Jerrid also has an affection for hip hop music due to its running themes of shared experience.

Courtney moonlights as a member of Weekend Toastmasters—a club that builds public speaking and leadership skills. She also has ambitions to one day parlay her fiction writing hobby into a Shonda Rhimes, “Scandal”-size gig.

Links For more information on topics discussed during the show, see the list below.

Clean the World

Downtown Credo


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Unknown Speaker 0:00

Social Entrepreneurship. What is it?

Unknown Speaker 0:09

When someone wants to create a business, and they also want to help other people by creating the business,

Unknown Speaker 0:18

more global way to be or community way to be even

Unknown Speaker 0:26

when a person who is an innovator uses some of their ideas or any ideas that they use to expand the society and people as a whole.

Unknown Speaker 0:38

I think social entrepreneurship is

Jerrid Kalakay 0:51

Welcome to the Teaching Change podcast where we explore issues of social entrepreneurship, education, and innovation. One of your co-host Jerrid Kalakay.

Courtney Moore 1:00

I'm your other co-host, Courtney Moore. Today's episode will work a little bit differently than the rest of the podcast Jerrid and I will tell you more about ourselves and what brings us to Teaching Change. Plus, you will learn about what we hope to accomplish with this podcast. I am so excited to be here. How about Yaeger? Absolutely. So Jerrid Tell me more about yourself.

Jerrid Kalakay 1:23

So my name is like I said earlier is Jerrid Kalakay. I come to the Teaching Change podcast as an avid fan and believer in Social Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship education. I've recently in 2015, completed my doctorate degree from Antioch University, in leadership and change in my area studies and scholarship was focused on social entrepreneurs using the critical incident technique exploring the most critical incidents that they experienced and running their enterprises. Both the negative and the positive. And my idea was, if I could find that out, we can help prepare and help better prepare and train social entrepreneurs to create lasting impacts and progress for society. I've been here at Valencia College for two years as a faculty member and recently became a Social Entrepreneurship coordinator for the institution. Before that, I was in private practice on running leadership and organizational development from the lead-up innovations, working specifically with social entrepreneurs in maximizing both the social value creation and also the wealth creation. And so I'm quite vested in social entrepreneurship education and I'm excited to be here with you Courtney and exploring the topic. How about yourself?

Courtney Moore 2:33

things here. I'm so excited to be here. I've been with the college for five years now. I graduated from the University of Florida which was a bachelor's and English. I also have a master's of library science and Information Studies from Florida State University. So go both gators and Seminoles as a library And my main responsibility is to champion access to and formation. And so that's part of the reason why I'm here with the podcast. I don't know much about Social Entrepreneurship, but I am an avid fan of lifelong learning. So I'm super excited to take this journey with you. And did I mentioned Jerrid that I am also a podcast addict? I listened to podcasts almost 24 hours a day, you know, so I really love them. And I and it's going to be my pleasure to host this podcast with you. Well, thank you.

Jerrid Kalakay 3:45

Thank you. So even when you're sleeping and listen,

Courtney Moore 3:47

even when I'm sleeping, that's good. Yes. That is pretty

Jerrid Kalakay 3:51

impressive. That's pretty impressive. So So Courtney, when you're not librarian, yes. And when you're not on the Teaching, Change podcast, what kind of things are you meant to

Courtney Moore 4:00

Well, I'm also a toast master bread toast I know with. I am the Vice President of public relations for a Toastmasters club. So with Toastmasters, you all gathered together and you give speeches and then people he value await you on how well you did. So does that sound like fun?

Jerrid Kalakay 4:25

That does sound like and somewhat horrifying?

Courtney Moore 4:29

Absolutely. So that's why I do it. I love a good challenge as well. So I do Toastmasters and one day Jerrid I'm going to tell you my ultimate goal. I want to be the next Shonda Rhimes. Wow, I love writing and I love to see my writing on TV one day so when I'm not in the library saying hello, use a librarian. I am either writing or probably doing things for Toastmasters.

Jerrid Kalakay 4:59

That's fantastic. That's awesome. Well, very cool. Well, whatever I'm not at the college either in the classroom or in my office, and I'm when I'm not working with clients in my private practice. I'm hanging out with my family. I have a beautiful wife named Deanna. And I have three lovely children, Uriah, Raleigh and Vaillant. And I love

Courtney Moore 5:19

those names By the way, thank you.

Jerrid Kalakay 5:21

Thank you. We're pretty. We're pretty excited about them as well. Urijah is eight years old, he's our firstborn and then Rawley is five years old and he's our second boy and then Valyne is our third and final daughter and she is a bundle of excitement and and fearless, a bundle of excitement and fearless little being she is. So she is very much a tomboy but likes princess dresses so she puts on princess dresses and then runs outside and gets to really, really dirty Pretty awesome. It's pretty awesome to me. So and also, I'm an avid fan of music, all kinds of different music. I grew up on hip hop music,

Courtney Moore 6:09

he grew up on hip hop.

Jerrid Kalakay 6:10

I did, I did. I grew up in, I grew up in Connecticut. And in my area of Connecticut, I grew up in the 80s. And that was really, there were three types of music that I knew of, there was the music that was on the radio, which was the 80s. And I didn't care for it very much. Although my wife has gotten me to like it a little bit better. Recently, there was the music My parents listened to, which was like the 50s 60s 70s. And then there was the music that all my friends listen to, which was hip hop music. And what I love about hip hop music is really the storytelling, the stories of human experience. And so that's, that's something that I'm, I'm interested not only in music, but I'm also interested in life and so I'm really interested in the human experience and different people's dealings with emotions and so forth. And so that You'll probably notice that throughout the podcasts that that's what I'm going to be focusing on is really that experience, the shared experience and also the diverse experiences. And I think that's really why I like hip hop music because of those storytelling elements of it. So that's, that's, that's a little bit about me. I also really enjoy nerdy TV and so Netflix, nerdy TV nerdy, a nerdy TV that's considered nerdy, nerdy TV is really any comic book-based show that's on Netflix. I've seen it at least twice. And then any sci-fi show pretty much is something that I enjoy quite a bit.

Courtney Moore 7:50

So shark NATO.

Jerrid Kalakay 7:54

I also am very, I try to be very counterculture. If that makes any sense. And so anything that gets too popular too quickly, I don't like Oh, no. Yeah. So if I could have found shark NATO before it was cool, then I would have liked, but because I didn't find it until after it was cool. Now I don't like it. Wow. Yeah, it's also I don't listen to commercial radio for the most part.

Courtney Moore 8:18

There you go, rebel. Jerrid Kalakay the rebel.

Jerrid Kalakay 8:22

That's actually my nickname. So thank you. So let's talk a little bit about what brings us to the podcast. Courtney, you mentioned a little bit about earlier how, you know, in your profession, you're all about access to information and you've kind of devoted at least the last five years of your life my

Courtney Moore 8:42

life to it Jerrid

Jerrid Kalakay 8:44

Yes, that's my life really heavy. But why don't you talk a little bit about why Teaching Change I know that you're an avid podcast listener as you said earlier, but but why Teaching Change what what is it specifically about this topic and and and working with Me that you you're in, you're in.

Courtney Moore 9:02

Well, Jerrid You're awesome, by the way. Well, one of the main reasons why I was so in the attic about doing the podcast is that I'm also an avid cheerleader of lifelong learning. Learning doesn't stop once you graduate or leave the classroom. learning happens every day and our lives. Doing podcasts and listening to podcasts will allow me to pursue my lifelong learning goals and I think Social Entrepreneurship is such a worthy cause. I like to call them rebels. Honest because they're coming up with I devices that can really change our world and the people that are in our varying communities to absolutely

Jerrid Kalakay 10:00


Courtney Moore 10:00

And have you heard that quote that if everyone's thinking, like, then no one's thinking, so I can really appreciate social innovators, and that they're changing the world.

Jerrid Kalakay 10:18

That's great. Awesome, very cool. So this might be a good time to explain what Social Entrepreneurship is, in case you're up to this point. And you're still not exactly clear. So Social Entrepreneurship is basically the combination of two things. social entrepreneur creates an enterprise to do two things one wealth creation, which is the same as any other enterprise. So the The objective is to make money. The second and just as important and in some cases, more important, is the creation of something called social value. So improving society. So Social Entrepreneurship is the combination of the two. It's using innovative business practices and ways to both create social value and improvement of society. At the same time creating wealth

Courtney Moore 11:02

or money. Give us some examples of companies.

Jerrid Kalakay 11:06

Yeah, absolutely. So there are fantastic organizations here in town. First and foremost is clean the world. And clean the world was started by Sean settler. Back in 20 2009, I believe in 2012 they became the first B Corp in the state of Florida. We'll be talking more about what a B Corp is and all that later on in the podcast. I can't wait. Good. Thank you. Yeah. So Sean, his organization clean the world recycles hospitality, soaps, and shampoos and lotions. And they recycle those from the hospitality industry and re and send them to folks who do not have soaps and shampoos and shampoos and so forth, primarily in the third world. And so what they do is they take these ordinarily discarded or thrown away soaps from a hotel room and they recycle them and repurpose them. them to send off to countries and other places in the world who lack proper sanitation, therefore, basically saving lives. So that's one just we have here in town. There's another one, Jose Luis Martinez started the fluent day, which is a Spanish English language learning program and they host cafes, language cafes all around Orlando, in which Spanish speakers and English speakers get together to share language learning. And so it's really the language exchange between the Spanish speakers learning English and the English speakers learning Spanish. That's another great one here in town. And then also downtown credo started by Ben Hoyer, which is a coffee shop here in town. They actually have, I think, four locations now. And it's a donation based coffee shop so anyone can get a cup of coffee or a latte or anything else. Get a normal coffee shop. And then you decide what the value is of that cup of coffee or of that latte. And then you pay what you feel is the value. And they've been very successful. They've started with one location. And now they have, I think, four locations. And so those are all examples of social enterprises. And there are tons of social enterprises that are international and national as well. But those are just some of the ones that here are here in town in Orlando. And so what brings me to the podcast is really twofold. One, I'm a huge fan of Social Entrepreneurship. First and foremost, and to I really wanted to chronicle the journey that Valencia College is on so about a year and a half Valencia College, started the conversation of bringing Social Entrepreneurship education to our students. For those of you that aren't aware, Valencia College is a two-year college in Central Florida, in orange and Osceola counties. We have six campuses and we serve about 60,000 students a year. And Valencia, we got a group of folks together both administrators, staff, faculty, all together and started talking about what is what could be Social Entrepreneurship education here, Valencia, what can it be so forth and so on. And that that was a year ago, year and a half ago now. And since then we've made huge strides. And so I really wanted to be able to capture that, that journey. Social Entrepreneurship, education is quite popular in higher ed or higher education, but it's not as popular in the two-year schools and community colleges. And so what we're doing here is somewhat unique. And I'd like to share that journey, both to archive the journey for ourselves, and also to share the journey to help other institutions and other social entrepreneurs that might be interested in doing something similar. And so those are my two reasons for starting and for working on this podcast

Courtney Moore 14:53

and a trailblazer. Jerrid awesome.

Jerrid Kalakay 14:57

Absolutely, absolutely. And I'm Let's talk a little bit about what kind of what our ideas of change in progress are. And those are kind of the underpinning concepts of social entrepreneurship. And so, Courtney, why don't you share with our listeners what your view of change or progress is? And how do you see your role? propagating that or pushing that.

Courtney Moore 15:21

I believe change is always a good thing. For progress to happen. We have to take a look at the status quo and be able to be comfortable with voicing our opinions that hey, I have an idea or, hey, this particular issue is not working for me, NZ library was championing information with the resources that we have, we allow people to nurture their thoughts on on different topics and to support their ideas. And as a librarian, I am really there on the forefront as our users calm and they're researching information, or they have like a, like a little burgeoning thought there. So we really get the opportunity to direct them and to help them along their journeys of discovery as well.

Jerrid Kalakay 16:37

That's fantastic. It's really great. And did you and you imagine found that process pretty rewarding?

Courtney Moore 16:42

Oh, absolutely. I do believe that the library places as all on an even playing field. So because we allow access to everybody, I do get to see how the value of information changes people's lives daily. And it's an extremely rewarding process. And that's one of the main reasons why I am a library.

Jerrid Kalakay 17:12

Absolutely. I think now today in today's society in 2017 access to accurate information and truth is ever more important. Absolutely. Absolutely. That's fantastic. So I think my ideas of change are that everyone has a commitment and a duty to make the world a little bit better than then when they found it. And so my role in that and the way I feel about that is is first and foremost helping my children grow up and live a productive life and a happy life. And then in my professional life, I believe to help people create their own corner of the world that they find fulfilling and rewarding and I think educated People and leaders of our society have a responsibility and a duty to provide an example. And also provide services to the rest of society to make the world a little bit better, a little bit more loving, a little bit more caring, and overall improvement. And so the Teaching Change podcast, I believe, will do that by sharing not only the journey of social entrepreneurship education, but also sharing the stories and the impacts of various social enterprises, and social entrepreneurs in addition to educators, and educators, as librarians as well. And so, we're really excited that you're sharing your time with us, we're really excited to kick off this episode zero of Teaching Change. As Courtney said earlier, our future episodes will be slightly different. This one was really about getting to know us and getting to know each other a little bit better. And so we really appreciate you listening and we hope to see you on episode One

until next time, be happy and change some stuff

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